IOR – Importer of Record

IOR – Importer of Record

LET Logistics

IOR – Importer of Record

We take full responsibility for an import to services, people or companies acting on our behalf in the shipping documentation as consignee or importer, taking responsibility for completing the required documentation and paperwork in front of government entities for the import of your product. We are able to handle any type of product you wish to ship and also manage any additional logistics and services you may require.

We provide companies with the expert services needed to simplify the international supply chain.

By purchasing our IOR service, we commit to:

  • Pay duties/taxes at time of import.
  • File specific declarations with several government agencies at the time of import or export.
  • Obtain any licenses, certifications and export authorizations if required for a commodity; in many cases prior to export to the destination country location.

To mitigate risks on your IOR operation, we complete your service by managing the following:

  1. Advising on the need for IOR services.
  2. Evaluate the feasibility of the importation through technological tools.
  3. Requirements check list for a successful import.
  4. Tariff code reconciliation for each item in the shipment.
  5. Provide DDP shipments.
  6. Manage door-to-door logistics and customs brokerage services to execute a successful implementation.